Tree Trimming Season

Tree Trimming Schedule

15th Jan, 2016


Now’s the time to get on our tree trimming schedule.  Hurry!  Spots will fill up fast!

Tree trimming might not be on your mind during the cold of January, but now’s the best time to get on our tree…

Danger: Trees and Power Lines

16th Jul, 2014


 A tree limb is tangled in a power lineMaintaining your trees now can prevent damaged power lines later

We’ve all heard the devastating stories on the news about power outages due to tree limbs falling on power lines.  Sometimes the damage is so bad that…

12th Mar, 2014


When is tree trimming season?

The answer is now. Now is the time for tree trimming season as we move into spring. After a long winter, spring is the time for new life and rejuvenation with plants and trees. It’s time to get outside and work on your home’s most noticeable feature, the yard. Almost…

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