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Preventing Tree Damage in Cumming

30th Apr, 2017


Preventing tree damage is essential in having a damage-free home

Preventing tree damage in Cumming is a continuous process that helps prevent damage to your home and injuries to your family. As you can tell from the constantly changing weather these last few years, there is no way to predict what is going to happen … whether it be…

Clearing Your Land for a Pool

26th Feb, 2017


Let us help you prepare your backyard for the pool of your dreams

Clearing Your Land for a PoolWinter 2017 has been abnormally warm, which has accelerated the desire of many homeowners to have a pool in their backyard. Only one problem though … you currently have…

Will My Home Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

19th Oct, 2016


Double check your insurance policy for tree removal coverage

Will my home insurance policy cover tree removalThe joys of homeownership are secured with a home insurance policy. The details of that policy can be a whole other story … especially when it comes to your insurance company…

12th May, 2016


Is Your Property Safe From Summer Storm Damage?

Storms in Georgia always bring forth summer storm damage to residents during this time of year. Known for tall Southern Pines and old Oak trees, Georgia homeowners definitely have something to consider when mother nature stops for an extended stay in the local area. From May to…

New Focus Areas

1st Apr, 2016


Sharp Tree Service is unveiling new focus areas for our services, including Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell, Woodstock, Suwanee, John’s Creek, and Gainesville.

Spring’s a great time for new beginnings, and here at Sharp Tree Service we’re making some changes in the form of new focus areas for our services.  We’ll be focusing…

Emergency Tree Removal

26th Feb, 2016


If trees on your property come down due to storms or accidents, Sharp Tree Service can provide fast, safe emergency tree removal services.

Emergency tree removal is one of those personal disasters no one wants to think about.  However, the strong storms we’ve recently seen to the north and northeast of Atlanta (in…

Winter Preparation

18th Sep, 2015


Winter preparation may not be on your mind yet, but it definitely is on ours.

Winter preparation may be the furthest thing from your mind, especially if you are enjoying the lingering warm weather. At Sharp Tree Service we definitely are advocates for squeezing in as much summer and fall fun as possible. However, being…

Preventing Tree Damage

29th May, 2015


Preventing tree damage is an important step in maintaining a damage-free home.

Preventing tree damage is an active process that helps prevent damage to your home and injuries to your family. Last week we talked about emergency tree services that we offer. As you can tell from the constantly changing weather these past few weeks,…

Tree Removal Near Your Home

27th Mar, 2015


It’s the perfect time to think about tree removal near your home

This season, consider the importance of tree removal near your home. Many of our clients know the general importance of removing trees that are dead or damaged. If you can nip a problem in the bud (no pun intended) you can prevent trees…

28th May, 2013


Sever thunderstorms may cause you to need tree removal services

Tree removal services are becoming more useful than ever. Severe weather such as thunderstorms and tornados has caused damage to local areas, resulting in fallen trees and debris. Sharp Tree Service offers professional tree removal services to help you clean up your landscaping…

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