Shrub pruning service in Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell, Woodstock and surrounding areas.

Shrub pruning is sometimes overlooked in property maintenance. Shrubs don’t grow as fast as grass does so homeowners tend to let them go longer with trimming them. Did you know that overgrown shrubs that are located close to or on your home can be the welcome mat where unwanted pest can enter your home? Think of it as nature’s elevator for insects.

We offer very cost effective shrub pruning and trimming services. It is important to keep shrubs and bushes trimmed for the same reasons we trim trees. Unhealthy shrubbery can bring down your property value. We will prune away dead leaves and dead branches, making sure your shrubs are trimmed without damaging the plant. It also lends a sense of elegance to your landscaping and makes it look great. Our rates are extremely affordable, often for less than just the tools would cost you to do it yourself. Give us a call for a FREE quote.

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