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Atlanta Winter Storm Tree & Landscaping Cleanup

14th Dec, 2016


Sharp Tree Service is here to help you weather Atlanta winter storms

Winter is quickly approaching which can bring ice storms. When winter storms hit, Atlanta area storm damage repair services are needed. Sharp Tree Service offers…

Emergency Tree Removal in Cumming

15th Sep, 2016


Call Sharp Tree Service for Emergency Tree Removal Services

The need for emergency tree removal in Cumming can be a result of a strong storm suddenly sweeping through your area and knocking down the weak trees surrounding your home. Sometimes the tree itself will remain standing, but branches and limbs may break, crack and fall…

Call 811 Before Storm Damage Cleanup

14th Aug, 2016


Call 811 So We Don’t Need 911

We have been talking about storm damage cleanup services; however, we need to talk about an important service for all homeowners when facing repairs to your home. Sometimes clearing property is not so simple. There may be a reason to fix something which moves cleaning up into repairs….

Storm Damage Cleanup For Fallen Trees

23rd Jul, 2016


Tree Service Company Offers Storm Damage Cleanup

Just as we suspected. The storms that were a coming are here. The skyline was lit up like the fourth of July this week. Fallen tree limbs, leaves and debris were everywhere throughout Metro Atlanta. This is the prime time to call Sharp Tree Service for storm damage…

12th May, 2016


Is Your Property Safe From Summer Storm Damage?

Storms in Georgia always bring forth summer storm damage to residents during this time of year. Known for tall Southern Pines and old Oak trees, Georgia homeowners definitely have something to consider when mother nature stops for an extended stay in the local area. From May to…

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